Christian fears over new settlement plans in West Bank

 Christian groups working in Hebron have expressed concern, after Israeli settlers announced plans to establish three or four new West Bank settlements this month. The Amos Trust report that one settlement is planned for the south edge of Hebron, about a mile from the Campaign for Secure Dwelling partner families in the Al Sendas and Qilkis villages. "While the world is watching Afghanistan, the Israelis are continuing to expand, and encroach on land which does not land which does not belong to them," a spokesman said. Two weeks ago, settlers seized a plot of land farther south in Hebron district, and, with Israeli military support, installed a mobile home and water tank. The spokesman said: "These new settlements are in addition to the 25 new settlements built since Sharon was elected Prime Minister in February. Foreign officials know that new settlements work against any hopes for peace in Israel/Palestine, but they need to know that the world knows and cares, about what is happening, before they will exert the needed pressure on Israeli leaders to put a halt to the building of new settlements." The trust has asked that individuals and church groups write to their governments to protest about the settlements. They also call for prayers for the safety of the Israelis, Palestinians and internationals living in Hebron, "during this precarious time."

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