Archbishop calls for hospitals, not bombs

 The Nigerian archbishop of Abuja, Rt Rev John Olorunfemi, has suggested that America build hospitals in the developing world, instead of bombing Afghanistan. The head of the Nigerian bishops' conference, who is in Rome for the Synod of Bishops, told Fides news service that he thought until there was justice and a fairer distribution of the world's goods, terrorism would continue. Since US military action began, hundreds of people have been killed in riots and protests in Nigeria. The archbishop said: "The reasons the western world gives for this attack seem not to convince these people. They say the war on terrorism is only an excuse for attacking a Muslim country." "The missiles used against coded destinations cost millions of dollars and are being hurled into the desert. The cost of just one of them could build 20 hospitals in Nigeria. "Isn't this insanity? We must ask ourselves, what type of person takes these decisions? Wouldn't it be more effective to hunt out and capture bin Laden by building dozens of hospitals in Afghanistan, rather than dropping hundreds of bombs in the desert?" He continued: "I would ask Mr Bush to stop the bombs for a day and come and build the hospitals needed all over Nigeria. But we have said this so often, and they have never replied. The money we use in arms is wasted because we will never use them."" He said: "This is not a matter of Christianity against Islam. Indeed, if we speak of Christianity, perhaps we Christians should fight the Western world, which is so unjust. "The Holy Father himself has said that the division between rich and poor is not the will of God," the Nigerian archbishop said. Archbishop Onaiyekan said he hoped unfolding events would prompt an examination of conscience, which would lead to a "more just distribution of world resources. While imbalance lasts, there can be no peace."

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