Pope reminds Christians to start each day sure of God's love

 Pope John Paul II encouraged Christians to begin each day by praising God and feeling confident of His love, at his general audience on Wednesday. Speaking to a crowd of more than 7,000, he reflected on the song of the people of Israel, after they crossed the Red Sea and were delivered from Pharaoh's army. The Pope said: "These are strong images, which attempt to describe the greatness of God, while expressing the wonder of a people who can scarcely believe their eyes, and break out with one voice in a moving song: 'My strength and my courage is the Lord, and he has been my saviour. He is my God,'" He said: "This event was not only at the base of the covenant between God and his people, but became a symbol of the whole history of salvation. It foreshadowed the great deliverance that Christ will bring about through his death and resurrection." In Jesus, the Pope said: "we were saved not from a human oppressor, but from that slavery to Satan and sin, which since the beginning weighs on the destiny of humanity." "With Jesus, humanity takes up the road again, on the path that leads us back to the Father's house." In this prayer of the Jewish people, the Pope said we can "see our day in the great horizon of the history of salvation." "This is the Christian way of perceiving the passage of time. In the accumulation of passing days, there is no fatality that oppresses us, but a plan that goes unfolding, and that our eyes must learn to read with discernment." he said: "This hymn of victory does not express the triumph of man, but the triumph of God. It is not a song of war, but a song of love." "Echoing this praise of the ancient Hebrews, we walk on the roads of the world, full of deceptions, risks and suffering, with the certainty of being enveloped by the merciful gaze of God." The Pope concluded: "Nothing can resist the power of his love."

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