UK prisoners provide wheelchairs for disabled people in Jordan

 Through the Roof, the Epsom-based inter-church charity, has just distributed 170 wheelchairs, rebuilt by prisoners, to disabled Moslems in Jordan. A team of seven technicians, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists went on the trip. which was part of the 'Wheels for the World' programme. They have already distributed wheelchairs in Albania, Romania and Kenya. The used wheelchairs were donated by hospitals and restored to near-new condition by inmates of Parkhurst Prison. One prisoner said: "This is the first time I've felt good about myself since being in here. Its great helping people worse off than we are." Team leader Anne Evans said: "We will remember with huge delight the ecstatic mother of three disabled children who thanked God she would no longer have to watch them from ground level. Then there was the young woman who had spent her life sliding around on her tiled floor at home who could now face the world with dignity. The whole team were charmed by a little Bedouin girl who was so thrilled with her new wheelchair that she was giving a party for the whole tribe." Through the Roof director Paul Dicken said: "It was great to be able to make a statement to the Moslem community that Christians wanted to love and serve them in Christ's name - so different from the experience of many Moslems since the events of 11 September."

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