Christians, Jews, Moslems begin Holy Week fast for peace

 A fast for peace begins today in Bethlehem. Organised by a group of Palestinian and Israeli peace campaigners it is taking place at a check-point between Bethlehem and Jerusalem. A spokesman said:"we believe that until this conflict is resolved none of us are free. The fast for peace is our method of demonstrating our desire to change direction, to return to the promise of peace and bring a speedy end to our suffering". He said: "Let our message be clear: we are starving for peace". "We are happy to see the recent proliferation of peace activities as these are the voices of peace which we hope will continue to grow until the melody echoes throughout the world." Those taking part include: Fr Raed Abusahlia, chancellor of the Latin Patriarch Jerusalem; Prof Sami Adwan of Bethlehem University; Linda Livni, a writer from Jerusalem; Prof. Dan Bar-On, Ben Gurion University; Dr. Philip Veerman, Defense for Children Israel; Samil Taha, Palestinian businessman and Prof Avraham Sela of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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