Zimbabwe: churches condemn government terror campaign

 Most of the leading churches in Zimbabwe this week have condemned the ruling ZANU-PF for organising a campaign of terror against opposition parties since the elections earlier this month. Archbishop Pius Ncube of the Catholic diocese of Bulawayo, who condemned the pre-election violence and intimidation, said it was distressing that the leaders of the ruling party were continuing such policies now that they are again in power. The Daily News reported yesterday that the Zimbabwe Council of Churches secretary general, Densen Mafinyane said: "different opinions should not lead us to be enemies but there should be non violence, reconciliation and forgiveness." Bishop Cephas Mukandi of the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe also voiced his concern, saying the mayhem which preceded the poll and current wave of violence which has gripped some parts of the country since announcement of election results, was harmful to the nation. At least six people have been killed, ten abducted, and hundreds tortured in post election violence. More than 1,500 local members of the Movement for Democratic Change have had to go into hiding after receiving death threats.

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