Zimbabwe: maverick Anglican bishop banned from overseas travel

 Church groups in Zimbabwe are welcoming a travel ban imposed on Harare's Anglican Bishop, Nolbert Kunonga, for his support for Robert Mugabe's land-grabbing policies. While most churches have protested at the human rights abuses of the current regime, Kunonga has always been wholeheartedly behind the government. Before the election he gave several sermons expressing his support for President Mugabe's party. In recent weeks Kunonga has not been preaching on the scriptures, but has been urging people to grab land. The Former Vicar-General, Rev. Tim Neill said he applauded the decision made by the US. He said: "It is unlawful to become associated with a party that kills innocent people." Godfrey Kakono, a parishioner, said that the violence the bishop is preaching is also affecting his church. Fr Kenneth Makamure of the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops' Conference said that the Bishop's comments were not what one would expect from a man of the cloth. The United States and the European Union recently slapped a travel ban on President Mugabe, his cabinet ministers, service chiefs and their immediate family members. The list which is still being compiled also includes ZANU-PF sympathizers like Kunonga. source: Catholic Information Service Africa

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