Audiences double for religious websites

 Religious websites have grown faster than any others in the last six months - a new survey has revealed. Jupiter Media Metrix, the leading company in Internet and new technology analysis and measurement, has just released their Top 50 Web ratings for March 2002. These show that sites focussed on religion are in the top growth category, with an audience reach increasing 54.2 per cent, from 4.2 per cent to 6.4 per cent of the total online population between February and March 2002. "While religion sites have grown steadily over the past year, the surge in visitors in March 2002 was quite significant, with traffic to the category double what it was just six months ago," said Stephen Kim, senior vice president of Jupiter Media Metrix' audience ratings division. "So far, the majority of religion sites to attract sizable audiences focus on Christianity, though a few focus on Judaism or offer content tailored to multiple faiths." source: Jupiter Media Metrix

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