Illegal Israeli settlements control 41.9 per cent of West Bank

 Israel's settlements in the occupied West Bank now control almost 42 per cent of the land - a new report from Christian Aid partner, B'Tselem revealed this week. The study: Land Grab: Israel's Settlement Policy in the West Bank, and accompanying map, show the extent of illegal settlement activity and the consequent human rights violations in the West Bank. A spokesman for B'Tselem said: "Given that the settlements are illegal, and in light of the myriad of human rights violations that they cause, B'Tselem calls on the Israeli government to work to dismantle all the settlements." B'Tselem: the Israeli Information Centre for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories. is the leading Israeli organisation monitoring, documenting and advocating to improve human rights in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Founded in 1989, B'Tselem publishes reports, engages in advocacy and serves as a resource centre.

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