Venice: Catholic film jury awards prizes

 The Catholic Jury in Venice - formerly OCIC, now SIGNIS - celebrated this year its 60th year of presence at the oldest film festival in the world

The SIGNIS Jury awarded its Prize to Kathryn Bigelow's anti-war film The Hurt Locker (USA).

"An uncompromising approach to the Iraq war and its consequences seen through the experience of the bomb diffusion specialists for whom war is an addiction rather than a cause. The director, Kathryn Bigelow, challenges the audience's view of war in general and the current war in particular because it demonstrates the struggle between violence to the body and psychological alienation."

The SIGNIS Jury also gave a Commendation to Vegas: Based on a True Story by Amir Naderi (USA).

"A small-budget picture of a family on the periphery of Las Vegas, struggling with gambling addiction and their marginalized life. The film, by an Iranian American director, becomes an allegory of futile obsession and greed."

A second Commendation was given to the Ethiopian film Teza by Haile Gerima.

"A reflection in art cinema style on Ethiopia's recent past and the hopes and challenges for its future. It highlights the conflict between ideology and personal lives seen through the experience of an African intellectual."

The members of the international jury were Rose Pacatte (President, United States), Sergio Joel Ascencio Casillas (Mexico), Raffaella Giancristafaro (Italy), Peter Malone (Australia), Charles Martig (Switzerland), Federico Pontiggia (Italy) and Freddy Sartor (Belgium).

Source: SIGNIS

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