Sudan: Catholics to hold day of thanksgiving

 The Catholic Community of Tombura/Yambio Diocese of South Sudan will celebrate a special day of thanksgiving this Sunday. This occasion is to give glory to God since most of the indigenous priests who had fled the Diocese and went into exile over the past ten years are now back. In a message to the Catholic Information Service Africa (CISA) by the Communications Coordinator of the Diocese Fr Mathew Minisare said that they are "thanking God that most of the priests have been able to return from exile." The message said that: "practically all the parishes that were deserted now have priests to celebrate the Holy Eucharist for the people." Bishop Joseph Gasi Abangita will preside over the celebrations at Yambio, the provincial centre of Western Equatorial. The clerics had fled the region because of the war in their country. The community will make contributions for the support of the priests all over the Diocese, Fr Minisare said in his message. source: CISA

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