On a wing and a prayer - ICN receives 100,000th visitor

 Dear Readers This morning Independent Catholic News received its 100,000th hit. Since we started in May 2000 the number of visitors logging on to the site has been steadily rising. If we continue at this rate we should have another 100,000 by the end of the year. ICN is run on a voluntary basis. We set up on a wing and a prayer, inspired by Tertio Millennio Adveniente which called for lay people to become more involved in the work of the church. A growing number of contributors from around the world now send in news and information and we often have several updates a day. We run the site on one IMAC computer. Over the past two years we have received donations from church organisations and individuals, which have just covered our running costs - but we work for no pay - fitting in the website round our day jobs. As our readership expands, we have many dreams about developing the site - improving the design, providing more news, adding still pictures and video links, involving more schools and young people in the UK and abroad, perhaps introducing a discussion forum. But all these ideas need more people, equipment and funding. If you would like to get involved in our work, or can make a donation please send an e-mail to: news@indcatholicnews.com To receive daily news updates e-mailed directly to your mailbox, contact: subs@indcatholicnews.com for details. We are asking for a contribution of nine pounds sterling (fifteen Euro) per month to help cover the expenses of this service. Best wishes and prayers, Josephine Siedlecka editor

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