Indian bishops condemn attack on Hindu pilgrims

 The Catholic Bishops Conference of India has condemned a terrorist attack on Hindu pilgrims yesterday, in which at least nine people died. Hand grenades were thrown at a group resting on their on their journey to the shrine of Lord Shiva in the Amarnath caves in Jammu and Kashmir. Nine people died instantly and 34 are reported to be seriously injured. In an interview with the Missionary News Service, Dr Donald De Souza, spokesman for the conference, said: "It is horrible that people on their way to prayer have been massacred by unholy men". Dr Donald offered heartfelt condolences to the families of the pilgrims who were killed as they slept. He said the Christian community was very distressed at the terrorist attacks against innocent people and appealed to the groups responsible for these inhuman acts "to forsake what is sinful and heinous in the eyes of God." He also called on the governments to provide security to the pilgrims of Amarnath, who make the long pilgrimage each July and August.

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