Israel: Churches issue a worldwide call to prayer

 The Patriarchs and Heads of Churches in Jerusalem have issued a call to prayer in the city, starting today at 6pm in churches across the Israeli capital. And they have urged people of all faiths around the world to link their prayers with those in the holy city "intensifying our prayers for peace, with justice and reconciliation". In a statement released today a spokesperson for the Patriarchs and Heads of Churches, Communities and Institutions in Jerusalem said "we are convinced that God alone can rescue all of us from this intolerable position. "Bloodshed and violence abounds and the suffering of innocent people is daily intensified," continued the spokesperson. "The picture presented to our children and young people is one of wholesale disregard for human life and dignity as murder, assassination and destruction of homes continue. "This in turn is intensifying the desire for revenge on both sides - Israeli and Palestinian alike, whilst at the same time encouraging hatred rather than respect and mutual understanding". The period of daily prayer for peace will start at 6pm today, the Feast of the Assumption and continue until Wednesday, 28 August.

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