Kenya: nomadic community attacked

 Bishop Luigi Locati of the Diocese of Isiolo has urged Kenyan authorities to investigate the attacks on the Turkana community in the semi-arid district of Isiolo. On September 4 at dawn about 200 raiders attacked a temporary nomadic village belonging to a Turkana community at Aremiet, Central Isiolo District. Seven people died in that incident while others were killed trying to reclaim their livestock. On September 6 more than 500 people were left homeless after their houses were torched. Eleven people died in the attack. Speaking to the Catholic Information Service of Africa, Joseph Samal, Diocesan Justice and Peace coordinator, said the attack was organized and planned, and that there was no way 200 people could simply launch an attack without prior planning. Mr Samal said that there was warning of an attack two weeks earlier but security personnel did not respond. On Saturday, President Moi instructed the police to investigate and insure security in the area. Mr. Samal was due to lead a team of local and international journalists to Aremiet yesterday (Monday 9 September). Upcoming general elections seem to follow a pattern of politically instigated violence, as evidenced in the 1992 and 1997 elections. Politicians try to evict those who they think will not vote for them. Humanitarian organizations put the number of displaced persons at 5,000. So far the Catholic Church has set up accommodation for about 200 families. Bishop Locati said his diocese was also distributing food to displaced people. source: CISA

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