Polish church bans ultra right-wing Catholic radio station

 Radio Maryja, a Catholic radio station based in Warsaw was banned yesterday by the head of the Catholic Church in Poland, Cardinal Jozef Glemp. In future the station will not be allowed to raise funds through the Church, and people have been asked not to listen to it. Currently more than 10% of Poles tune in each day. Founded by Fr Tadeusz Rydzyk, the station, began broadcasting a mix of prayers, Masses and hymns nationwide in 1993. But the station has strong links with an extreme right-wing political party: 'The League of Polish Families' and in recent years has been criticised for its strong xenophobic, anti-Semitic line. The station campaigns against Poland joining the European Union while the church in general has encouraged friendship with neighbour countries. At the end of his recent visit to Poland in August, the Pope urged the country to strengthen its links with Europe. A church spokesman said he hoped Cardinal Glemp's decree would encourage more listeners to support the Church's official station, Radio Josef, which endeavours to maintain a moderate political line.

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