Churches tell Bush and Blair again: war is not the answer

 Following Congressional votes authorizing the unilateral use of force against Iraq, church leaders from the United States and Great Britain met this morning to make a fresh plea today to President Bush and Prime Minister Blair to pull back from their nations' spiral toward war. More than 60 church leaders signed a statement initiated by Jim Wallis, executive director of Sojourners, and Church of England Bishop Peter Price declaring that pre-emptive war with Iraq would be "illegal, unwise, and immoral." "We want to send President Bush a strong message that if he starts a pre-emptive war against Iraq, it will not be with the support of the churches," said Wallis. "Despite the claims of the White House, many church leaders are now making it publicly clear that America does not speak with one voice on going to war." Read the full statement and send a copy to Bush, Blair, and UN General Secretary Kofi Annan at:

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