Holy See on promoting, protecting rights of children

 Archbishop Renato Martino, head of the Holy See Observer Delegation to the United Nations, spoke on Monday before the Third Committee during the debate of the 57th Session of the General Assembly on Item 105, the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Children. Archbishop Martino, who is the president-elect of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, noted the "unfortunate situations" in which so many people, especially women and young people, live around the world. He cited as examples injustice, poverty, epidemics and sickness, lack of educational possibilities for children, lack of basic social services and high unemployment in many countries. He then referred to "A World Fit for Children," the document of the Special Session of the General Assembly on Children, saying "it addressed the concerns that continue to call attention to the plight of children and young people." Quoting it in part, he said: "Put children first; Eradicate poverty; Leave no child behind; Care for every child; Educate every child; Protect children from harm and exploitation; Protect children from war, combat, HIV/AIDS: Listen to children and ensure their participation. Protect the earth for children." Archbishop Martino observed that "Carrying out the mission of promoting and protecting the rights of children and caring for their spiritual and physical well-being has been the concern of various agencies of the Catholic Church for centuries." "Let this discussion," he concluded, "help to remind the family of nations that the future of humanity rests upon the shoulders of today's children and young people. Let us pledge to lighten that burden by continuing to promote and protect their rights and provide them with what they need to enhance their well-being." source: Vatican Information Service

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