Zimbabwean churches plan major prayer service

 Churches of all denominations in Zimbabwe are planning a major prayer service for peace and relief from suffering on Saturday 18 January, at St Mary's Roman Catholic Cathedral in Bulawayo. The interdenominational service is being organised by Christians Together For Justice and Peace. A spokesman said in a statement: "Our vision is to focus on God's kingdom vision and to work together with him and each other to build a kingdom community that promotes justice and peace and works for the total well-being of our people. "The crisis situation in which we find ourselves dictates a number of urgent priorities to which we commit ourselves. These include: the funding, purchase and distribution of basic food requirements to as many as possible of those in this region who are facing starvation. This distribution is to be strictly on the basis of human need and without regard to race, ethnic origin, political affiliation or other such criteria. "We stand united against the violence and lawlessness which are spiralling out of control in the post-election period and causing untold suffering to our people. "This will be an act of Christian solidarity as we offer succour to and stand alongside the many victims of violence and lawlessness in our society. "We call for a rerun of the presidential election under international supervision and within the shortest time frame possible. "Furthermore, taking note that individual Christian leaders (including some of our own number) who have taken a stand for Kingdom values, have been subjected to various forms of harassment and intimidation, we commit ourselves to support one another, and others 'persecuted for the sake of righteousness' through a network of caring and solidarity. For more information about Christians Together For Justice and Peace contact: Fr Barnabas Nqindi on 09 240582 or e-mail: noelscott@netconnect.co.zw

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