Pope baptises 22 babies

 The Pope baptised 22 newborn babies from Italy, Poland and Lebanon in the Sistine Chapel yesterday, the Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord. During his homily, the Holy Father said that "with Baptism Christians encounter Christ in a personal way: they participate in the mystery of His death and resurrection and they receive new life which is the same life of God. What a great gift and great responsibility!" Addressing the parents and godparents of the children, he said: "The Lord entrusts their lives, so precious in His eyes, to you as responsible guardians. Dedicate yourselves lovingly so that they grow 'in wisdom, age and grace'; help them to be faithful to their vocation. Shortly you will renew, also in their name, the promise to fight against evil and to adhere fully to Christ. May your lives always be marked by this generous commitment!" "Be conscious, that the Lord asks of you new and deeper collaboration: He entrusts you with the daily task of guiding your children in the way of holiness. Make an effort to be saints yourselves in order to guide them toward this high goal of Christian life. Do not forget that to be saints what is needed is 'a Christianity that is marked above all by the art of prayer'." Source: Vatican Information Service

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