Window light for peace

 Many hundreds of thousands of people around the world took part in last Sunday's Global Vigil for peace. The organisers are still updating their website with information and photographs from that event. To see pictures of the vigils around the world, visit: They are now calling for people around the world to place a light in their window each night and continue to pray for peace. They say: "It could be a Christmas string or candle, a light bulb, or a lantern. It's an easy way to keep the light of reason and hope burning, to let others know that they are not alone, and to show the way home to the young men and women who are on their way to Iraq. "Whatever we think of the necessity or absurdity of military action in the present circumstances we can all pray in our various ways for the people of Iraq, the military forces and their families on both sides and our political leaders. We pray for peace in our homes, in our neighbourhoods and throughout the world." If you are going to put a light for peace in your window - you can register at:

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