Cuban bishops protest at arrest of dissidents

 The Justice and Peace commission of the Cuban Bishops Conference has protested at the arrest of 75 political dissidents. On 18 March the Cuban government began a clampdown on those involved in opposition politics. Dozens of people including journalists and human rights activists have been arrested and jailed. They have been accused of carrying out seditious activities in collaboration with the top US representative in Havana, James Cason. This charge has been denied by Washington. In a letter published this week the bishops criticize the "inadequate methods" used, which led to the arrests. Calling for the government to respect the rights and integrity of all people, the bishops said: "Methods used against those that violate the law are not to be confused with methods used against political dissidents. In this last case, the practice of a public debate should be used, in reference to the ideas and national dialogue". Source: MISNA

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