While the world watches Iraq, four children shot in Gaza

 As the war in Iraq has intensified this week, Israeli forces in the Occupied Territories have become much more aggressive, a Christian peace campaigner told ICN tonight. Activists in Jenin report that four children were shot this week by Israeli soldiers. Two, aged 14 and 15 have died. One 12-year-old is in critical condition and the other is hospitalised. The refugee camp has been under 24 curfew for the last four days. Twenty-six houses in the camp and city are reported to have been occupied by soldiers for the positioning of snipers and other military purposes. last night, Israeli forces flattened a Mosque with a bulldozer. While doing so, they terrorized a house containing peace activists from the International Solidarity Movement just a few doors down. They fired tank shells through the walls of the house where the pair were staying with a Palestinian family. On March 17, International Solidarity Movement campaigner Rachel Corrie, 23, from Washington, was crushed to death by a bulldozer. She was standing in the road wearing a bright orange jacket. Fellow protester Tom Dale said: "There was absolutely nothing to obscure the driver's view." There are several groups of foreign peace activists in the Palestinian Territories at the present - representing a number of different church groups and organisations and aged 20 - 70 plus. "For a long time we felt that because we were foreigners we were in some way a little safer," one campaigner told ICN. "Now that the war in Iraq has started we have noticed a change in the way the soldiers behave and we no longer feel safe. But we will continue to stay and do our best to protect the people here with our presence."

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