Pax Christi urges end to war on Iraq

 The international Catholic peace movement Pax Christi has called for an end to the attacks against Iraq, describing the war 'illegal and immoral'. Meeting in Paris on March 30-31, Pax Christi noted the initiatives of its member organisations in opposing the war and in pursuing peaceful alternatives. A statement issued after the executive committee meeting said: "The Pax Christi International Executive Committee encourages and endorses all efforts to bring an end to this illegal and immoral war and is deeply concerned about the emerging humanitarian crisis. We insist that immediate provisions be made to ensure that the victims of the war have access to the basic necessities and support in rebuilding their human dignity." "On the 40th anniversary of the encyclical Pacem in Terris of Pope John XXIII, the Executive Committee is reminded of that document's emphasis on the importance of an international legal and moral authority for the world, that of the United Nations. We call for a more effective and democratic functioning of the United Nations in order to avert unilateral military responses to violent conflict in the future. We strongly support an active role for the UN in Iraq, both now and in the future, in accordance with international law," the movements said. Pax Christi urged Churches and people of all faiths to play "a constructive role in responsible political participation and conflict resolution to prevent governments from resorting to war." Pax Christi International is a non-governmental Catholic peace movement that was started after the Second World War to foster healing and reconciliation in Europe.

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