Death of Cardinal Carter of Toronto

 His Eminence Gerald Emmett Cardinal, Archbishop Emeritus of Toronto, died on April 6, 2003, at the age of 91. Visitation will begin at 1.30pm this Tuesday, April 8, at St Michael's Cathedral in Toronto, with the funeral Mass to be celebrated at 10.30am on Thursday. Cardinal Carter was born on March 1, 1912, in Montreal, Quebec, and ordained to the priesthood in 1937. In 1961 he was named Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of London. He became Bishop of London in 1964 and then installed as Archbishop of Toronto in 1978. He was created a Cardinal by Pope John Paul II on June 30, 1979. An important figure in Montreal's education system, founding St Joseph's Teachers College for English-speaking Catholics, Cardinal Carter was a member of the Montreal Catholic School Commission for 15 years, and active at McGill University's Newman Club and the St Thomas More Institute. In Toronto, Cardinal Carter was responsible for expanding the Archdiocese's pastoral programs, Catholic education and social services as well as implementing the reforms of Vatican II. He was involved with the opening of Covenant House for street youth and worked with the Province of Ontario to provide affordable housing to the elderly and disabled. He retired as Archbishop of Toronto in 1990. Cardinal Carter served as President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB), and was a member of a number of episcopal commissions including liturgy, and doctrine and faith. In addition to participating in the Second Vatican Council, he also was a member of the Vatican's Consilium for the Implementation of the Constitution of the Sacred Liturgy, the Congregation for Divine Worship, the Permanent Council of the Synod of Bishops, the Secretariat for Non-Christians, the Secretariat for Christian Unity, and the Cardinals' Commission on Financial Questions. In a telegram sent to Cardinal Aloysius M. Ambrozic, archbishop of Toronto, Canada, the Pope said: "Deeply saddened upon learning of the death of Cardinal Gerald Emmett Carter, archbishop emeritus of Toronto, I send condolences to you and the faithful of the archdiocese. With grateful recognition of Cardinal Carter's many years of selfless service, both as an archbishop of the Church in Toronto and as a member of the College of Cardinals, I offer fervent prayers that God, the Father of mercies, will grant eternal rest to him and every spiritual consolation to those who mourn his passing. To the clergy, religious and laity of the archdiocese of Toronto, I cordially impart my apostolic blessing as a pledge of strength and peace in our Risen Saviour Jesus Christ." Source: Canadian Catholic Radio

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