Jerusalem: Easter message from Latin Patriarch

 At a press conference today, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, HB Michel Sabbah, gave his annual Easter message. The Patriarch expressed his hope that the Palestinians and Israelis in the Holy Land may overcome the hatred in their hearts. He condemned military actions, killings, house demolitions as well as the ongoing siege imposed on Palestinian villages and towns, comparing the latter with big jails. The destruction of human dignity resulting from this, only leads to more insecurity, war, and death, he stated. Referring both to the Iraqi war and the situation in the Holy Land, H.B. Michel Sabbah called for self-examination in the international community as a first step to fight terrorism. He asked for willingness to search for its roots instead of imposing injustices. Concluding that the elected leaders of the Holy Land have failed to bring peace and security, HB Michel Sabbah encouraged them: "Change your ways .. Take away the fear from your people's hearts. Believe that the peace is possible and that the Palestinians are capable of living in peace once their freedom and their rights are given back to them."

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