Pope defines ideal politician

 In yesterday's general audience celebrated in St Peter's Square, the Pope resumed the catecheses on the Psalms, commenting on Psalm 100, "Way of a king, faithful to God." John Paul II explained that Psalm 100 is "a meditation that paints the figure of an ideal political ruler" who is characterized by "perfect moral integrity and a resolute commitment to fighting against injustice. The text is presented as a way of life for the faithful who begin their day of work and of relations with their neighbour." In the first part, the Holy Father said: "personal life decisions, made with 'a whole heart', that is with perfect rectitude of conscience, are praised." The "wisdom that helps one to understand and to judge well" is noted, as is the "struggle against every form of evil and injustice." The Pope indicated that the psalm also points out "the importance of the more typical public and social gifts. ... Above all, the struggle against calumny and detraction. In addition, it rejects all arrogance and pride; and refuses the company and counsel of those who always use trickery and lies." After referring to the last verse of the psalm which speaks about destroying the sinners of the land, John Paul II emphasized that with this sentence proclaimed by the king, who exercises the function of judge, "he expresses his firm commitment to combat criminality, a necessary commitment shared by all those who exercise responsibility in public administration." The Holy Father concluded by emphasizing that all the faithful are called "every morning to uproot from their hearts and their conduct the evil plant of corruption and violence, perversion and wickedness, as well as every form of selfishness and injustice." At the end of the audience, John Paul II recalled that today, with the feast of St Joseph the Worker, we start the month of May, which is dedicated to Our Lady. "Today we entrust the world of work to the Holy Virgin and especially to her chaste spouse Joseph. May St Joseph, who knew the fatigue of daily work well, be an example and a support to all those look after the needs of the family and the entire human community."

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