Pope says: 'media are called to work for peace'

 The media are called to work for peace - Pope John Paul II said yesterday, when he appeared at his study window at noon to recite the Regina Coeli with the pilgrims gathered in St Peter's Square. In remarks made before the prayer, he reflected on the celebration in many countries of the Ascension of the Lord. He said: "The Ascension is the final moment of Christ's 'Easter', which the evangelist John describes as the passage 'from this world to the Father'. (Christ) wishes to lead all of mankind to our one heavenly Father. 'I am going to prepare a place for you' - He told the disciples at the last Supper - 'that where I am, you may be also'. Today's feast ignites in our hearts the desire for heaven, our eternal homeland." The Pope than pointed out that it was also World Communications Day whose theme was "The Communication Media at the Service of Authentic Peace in the Light of 'Pacem in terris'." "Forty years after the publication of the historical encyclical of Blessed Pope John XXIII," said the Holy Father, "it is ever more important to reflect on the role of the mass media in building a peaceful world, founded on truth, justice, love and freedom. In fact, the means of social communication can make a valid contribution to peace, tearing down the barriers of mistrust, encouraging understanding and reciprocal respect and, even more, favouring reconciliation and mercy. It is, therefore, by virtue of their vocation and their profession that those who work in the mass media are called to be workers of peace." source: VIS

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