Uganda: children abducted from orphanage

 Fifteen children were abducted on Tuesday night from an orphanage in Adjumani, 90 km northwest of Gulu, the Missionary News Service report. Sister Rose Mary Nyiirrumbe from the Sudanese Sacred Heart congregation, told MISNA the children, six boys and nine girls, all refugees, aged seven to 15, were taken by LRA (Lords Resistance Army) rebels. The rebels raided the orphanage at around 01:30 local time as well as looting the houses of the Sudanese congregation. The parish priest, a member of the Apostles of Jesus congregation and the Sisters of the Sacred Heart were uninjured. During her phone conversation with MISNA Sister Mary said she was holding a picture of the youngest child that had been kidnapped. She said: "We had just transferred him to Adjumani from the orphanage of Moyo. He is a very vivacious boy and when the rebels arrived, he was asleep. Awakened by the noise, he saw all of his companions standing in silence all tied up. Thinking it was a game, he asked to be tied up too." A day after the kidnapping, four of the children managed to escape from their captors. However fears for the safety of the remaining children are growing. Source: MISNA

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