Malta: Webrothers welcome visitors

 A community of Capuchin students and their director, from the Floriana Friary on Malta, have set up an interactive website which enables webvisitors to share in their daily lives. Brother Hayden Williams said: "Our aim is to share with you our simple way of life through the internet. We want to share our way of life in brotherhood, in all its simplicity of prayer, work, study and leisure in a new and innovative way. Since we are now in the cyberspace age, we called the site and ourselves: Webrothers! "What motivated us to take this initiative was the slogan launched by Pope Paul John II, that of the new evangelisation, which encouraged us all to make Jesus present in the hearts and lives of others. We wanted to evangelise as a fraternity, as a brotherhood. You can view us LIVE, through the installation of webcams in parts of the friary. "So far cameras installed have been placed in our living room and the chapel, where daily Eucharistic adorations are held. A Webrother is also always on call during the adoration and people can contact us on mobile phone or via SMS to request a prayer. A Webrother is also available to chat from the friary's living room where a webrother can be watched and spoken to LIVE. "The website offers you, surfer, the opportunity to send a prayer request, and moreover includes articles written by the Webrothers themselves, news, event and photos. The Webrothers can be contacted via e-mail. So until we meet you on the web, we wish you: Happy Websurfing. Bless you." To visit the Webrothers click on:

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