Debate: The Da Vinci Code - cracking or cracked?

 A major public debate on the Da Vinci Code will take place at 11am this Wednesday, at the National Christian Resources Exhibition in Sandown Park, Esher, Surrey.

The authors of' The Templar Revelation, (one of several recently-published books which echoes the claims of the Da Vinci Code that Jesus was secretly married to Mary Magdalene) will be debating with Catholic film expert and critic, Signis president Fr Peter Malone, Reverend Robin Griffith Jones, Master of The Temple Church, London, and David Couchman of Focus Radio.

"As far as we are aware, this is the first public debate in the UK on this provocative issue," said Joy Gilmour of the Christian Resources Exhibition.
"We are responding to a survey sent to 4000 church leaders and members which told us that three out of four want their churches to discuss the issues raised by Brown's blockbuster. They want it debated - not banned!"

The event will be hosted by Ruth Gledhill, religious affairs correspondent on The Times.

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