Archbishop Nichols response to Vatican statement on homosexuality

 The Most Reverend Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Birmingham, in a response to the statement, 'Considerations regarding proposals to give legal recognition to unions between homosexual persons', issued by the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith,at noon today, said: "I welcome the clarity of argument and consistency of principle of this statement by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. "The statement states clearly that 'no ideology can erase from the human spirit the certainty that marriage exists solely between a man and a woman'. It upholds Christian teaching that marriage is the sole proper place for sexual relationships and that consequently sexual relations between people of the same gender are morally unacceptable. "The document also states that a society which moves from tolerating actively homosexual partnerships to giving them full legal recognition and approval inevitably undermines marriage. It doing so that society weakens its own foundations." Archbishop Nichols added: "Many, but not all, will welcome this clear and incisive document. It is a sound guide in some aspects of current debate. Unjust discrimination is indeed wrong and must be addressed. But sexual behaviour needs guiding moral principles and our society needs a framework of law that enhances, not undermines, marriage."

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