Mexico City: Archbishop Kelly attends conference for the deaf

 Today, the Most Reverend Patrick Kelly, Archbishop of Liverpool, flies to Mexico City to attend an international meeting looking at ministry to deaf people in the Roman Catholic Church. The Archbishop will be travelling in his capacity as President of the International Catholic Foundation at the service of deaf people, an organisation that, since its inaugural conference in Dublin in 1971, has sought to promote the needs of deaf people both in the Church and society generally. Three other representatives from the Archdiocese of Liverpool will also be travelling to the Conference: Sister Dorothy Hindle, who leads Nugent Care Society's presence among deaf and hard of hearing people; Mrs Eileen Hosie from Boothstown and Mrs Catherine McGowan Corish from Widnes. Archbishop Kelly said: "Among the greatest blessings and challenges entrusted to me has been involvement with the world of deaf people. I am convinced that the enterprise we are engaged in, is necessary for the well being of society and not just the Christian family. Deaf people can experience deep loneliness: those across the world inspired by our Lord to long for deep communion with our deaf sisters and brothers, can work in isolation. So a decision was made to bring together all these people for support, encouragement, a deeper, wider, truly Catholic communion and world-wide friendship." Sister Dorothy Hindle said: "I feel delighted and privileged to be able to travel to Mexico City and to have the opportunity to be part of this multicultural conference. It really is the chance of a lifetime and I am thrilled to be going." Among the topics which the Conference will examine are: Mexico through the eyes of young deaf Catholics, deaf culture and language, evangelisation and the deaf community and 'The Ministry of collaboration: A way forward'. As well as delegates from Europe those taking part in the Conference include people from Guatemala, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, the USA and a local team from Mexico. This Sunday, Archbishop Kelly will concelebrate Mass with Cardinal Norbert Rivera, Archbishop of Mexico City, in the Church of San Hippolito and on Tuesday, 5 August, delegates will travel to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadaloupe where Archbishop Kelly will celebrate Mass, he will also lead the closing prayers of the Conference on Thursday 7 August. Source: Archdiocese of Liverpool

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