Cardinal Cormac calls for justice at WTO summit

 Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, has urged the UK government and European Union to ensure issues of trade justice receive top priority in the discussions at the World Trade Organisation Summit in Cancun on 10 September. Highlighting the campaign by CAFOD and other overseas aid organisations in advance of the summit, the Cardinal said:"As we approach the World Trade Organisation summit in September, I am reminded of the words of Pope John Paul II in 2001 when he said 'A global world is essentially a world of solidarity'. Today one of the most powerful acts of solidarity we can show with the developing nations of our world is to stand firm behind the campaign for Trade Justice. "I would urge our government, and the European Union, to look very carefully and critically at the disparity between those who have and those who have not. They current trade imbalance between rich and poor countries contributes significantly to the plight of the millions in Africa, Asia and elsewhere who live lives of grinding poverty. "Whether it is the dumping of subsidised products into Third World markets, or the impact of policies such as our own Common Agricultural Policy here in Europe, the result is the same - the poorest people in the world are held in a cycle of poverty, dependence and despair. "I would urge the Catholic community to engage fully in this vital debate. We have influence both as consumers and as electors and in these crucial weeks up to the WTO summit in Mexico we can ensure issues of Trade Justice and solidarity remain to the fore in political debate here in the UK. "In England and Wales, CAFOD have joined with other aid organisations to produce a range of campaign materials for those who wish to raise their concerns with their MP or the UK government. These materials are available on the CAFOD website and I would encourage anyone with an interest in these issues to contact CAFOD or visit their website to find out what we as individuals and a community can do to contribute to the campaign." To visit the CAFOD websiteclick on:

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