CAFOD welcomes US troop deployment in Monrovia

 CAFOD issued a statement of Friday welcoming the arrival of United States forces in Liberia. The agency said: 'Over the last three months both CAFOD and its partner the Archbishop of Monrovia have repeatedly and consistently called for President Bush to authorise deployment of troops on the ground in the war ravaged country. This morning around 200 US Marines started arriving by helicopter in the Liberian capital of Monrovia. "CAFOD believes that the practical and psychological impact of US forces supporting the West African led peace enforcement mission is invaluable in restoring peace and stability to Monrovia." CAFOD West Africa team leader Antonio Cabral said: "The Liberian people have been crying out for American assistance for a long time. They felt that their old ally the United States had deserted them in their hour of need. Now that the US has finally committed troops on the ground, CAFOD hopes that the security situation in Monrovia will quickly improve. But we urge the US to commit to a long term partnership with the Liberian people in working towards peace. "The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), of which CAFOD is a member, has just launched a major appeal for Liberia. An improved security situation in Monrovia will help DEC member agencies get help quickly and directly to the hundreds of thousand of Liberians in desperate need of food, water and medical aid. The looting of food stocks that was widely reported yesterday has highlighted the urgent need for stability to protect the most vulnerable." Donations can be made online at by call 0870 60 60 900 or at any high street bank or post office.

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