Christian reflection on the Big Bang

The programme is part of a day of science-themed programmes on Wednesday, 10 September to mark the switch-on of the CERN particle accelerator. The experiment, which is the largest and most costly in the history of science, attempts to recreate conditions in the universe in the immediate aftermath of the Big Bang.

Dr Wilkinson said "It's a privilege to present Thought for the Day on what could be a significant day in the development of science. The CERN experiment is exciting. It will tell us a little more of the beauty, intricacy and astonishing laws of physics by which God created the universe.

But why have a Thought for the Day on a day dedicated to science? "Because God is not just a god of the gaps but the author and sustainer of the whole story. Science is a gift from God that allows us 'to think God's thoughts after him.'"

Much of Dr Wilkinson's work is about the relationship between science and Christian faith. His background is in theoretical astrophysics. His first PhD was in the study of star formation, the chemical evolution of galaxies and terrestrial mass extinctions such as the event which wiped out the dinosaurs. He is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and has published a wide range of papers on these subjects. He has a second PhD in Systematic theology.

David Wilkinson is the author of numerous books including God, Time and Stephen Hawking and The Message of Creation. He broadcasts regularly on matters of science and faith, and also presents BBC Radio 4's historic Daily Service and Sunday Worship strands.

In 2006 he was appointed Principal of St John's College with Cranmer Hall, Durham. The college houses undergraduate students in many disciplines, and also trains men and women for ministry in the Anglican and Methodist churches.

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