Pope issues new appeal for peace after Jerusalem bombing

 Visibly moved, he said: "The tragic news arriving in these hours from Baghdad and Jerusalem can do nothing but generate profound sadness in our hearts and unanimous condemnation." "While we confide to the divine mercy the people that lost their lives and implore comfort for those crying", the Pope continued, "let us pray to the God of peace to bring wisdom to people's hearts and for leader to find a way to break this spiral of hatred and violence". Last night the Pope sent a telegram of condolences to the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, calling on "all those involved in perpetrating acts of violence" to "abandon the path of hatred". In today's catechises, the Pontiff said that throughout the Christian community, "the Word of God can resound throughout the world and become norm and guiding light of all populations". " "The Lord acts in his Word not only in the creation but also in history", with the "mute language of nature." ...."He expresses himself in an explicit manner through the Bible in his personal communication with the prophets and fully in the person of His Son." Source: MISNA

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