India: cardinal condemns Mumbai bombings

 Cardinal Ivan Dias, Archbishop of Bombay, has issued a statement today in which he "strongly condemns the bomb blasts which have shaken Mumbai on August 25 in two spots dear to all the citizens of the city." The statement says: "Those responsible for these barbarous attacks, whatever be their personal motives, must realize that violence can never bring a solution to any problem and can only create new and worse ones. "The Archbishop commends the souls of the innocent victims killed in the blasts to the mercy of Almighty God and offers his sincere condolences to their near and dear ones. He wishes a speedy recovery to those who have been injured and calls upon the statutory agents of law and order to ensure that justice be meted out to those responsible for the senseless bombings. The Catholic community in Mumbai will give every assistance to those affected by the blasts and will do its best to help maintain peace and communal harmony in the city which is proudly known as the Urbs Prima in Indis." Source: Archbishop's House, Mumbai

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