Pope calls for world religions to unite against terrorism

 "The religions of the world must unite their efforts to denounce terrorism and work together at the service of justice, of peace and fraternity". This was the message of Pope John Paul II to the Bishops of the Christian Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt, when they visited him at Castel Gandolfo yesterday. Thanking our Lord for all the Christian communities present in Egypt, "heirs of the first proclamation of the Gospel accomplished by Saint Mark", the Pope spoke with joy and emotion, of his jubilee pilgrimage to Cairo and to the Monastery of Saint Catherine, at the feet of Mount Sinai. The Pope then underlined how "in the bosom of the Egyptian society, so rich of history and culture and strongly characterized by the presence of Islam the most important testimony is that of daily life, "centred on the double commandment of the love of God and of the love for one's neighbours". The Holy Father concluded by praising the "important work" which the Catholic Church is accomplishing in Egyptian society - in the education and social work, promoting woman's rights, assisting mothers and children, and in the fight against illiteracy. Source: MISNA

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