Aid workers killed in Somalia

 The Missionary News Service learnt this morning that two British aid workers have been found shot dead in Somalia. Richard Eyeington, 62, and his wife Enid, 61 were killed yesterday. First reports indicate that the two teachers who worked with the non governmental organsation 'SOS Kinderdorf', were killed by gunmen last night while they were watching television. Their bodies were found by colleagues on the sofa in the television room at 9 this morning. According to MISNA sources, it is possible that the murderers used a silencer as neither colleagues sleeping on the premises nor the guards on the complex heard gunshots. The murder of the two British aid workers follows that of Italian lay missionary Annalena Tonelli in Somalia earlier this month. All representatives of NGOs operating in Somalia have gathered for a meeting in Hargeisa (the main city in the area) to evaluate the security situation. A similar meeting will be held shortly in the European Union offices in Nairobi, Kenya. Source: MISNA

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