Zimbabwe: maverick bishop seizes white farm

 An Anglican bishop has seized a white-owned farm for himself and his family. The Bishop of Harare, Rev Nolbert Kunonga, 49, has evicted more than 50 black workers and their families to make way for his own staff. The Sunday Times in London reported yesterday that the Anglican Church is concerned at the bishop's latest action. A church spokesman is quoted as saying: "The Anglican Church is going to be compromised by this action. It will debilitate our authority." Observers believe Kunonga was given the land as a reward for his support for the Mugabe regime. While most church leaders, in particular Catholic Archbishop Pius Ncube of Bulwayo have been outspoken in their criticism of Mugabe's policies - that have lead to widespread famine and bankruptcy - on many occasions Kunonga has used his sermons to praise the government. The 2,000 acre farm is just ten miles from Harare. The legal owner, Marcus Hale, was evicted from the farm a few months ago. He said: "There's nothing happening there now. The machinery is all lying useless in the sheds and they won't let me take it. No one has done anything about planting a crop for this season." Hale said he believed the bishop planned to use the land for a property development.

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