Pope: "The Holy Land needs bridges, not walls!"

 Pope John Paul has once again appealed for prayers for peace and reconciliation in the Middle East. Speaking from his apartment window to the crowds in St Peter's Square before the Angelus on Sunday, he said: "Once again, over the last few days, terrorism has worked its evil, which was particularly devastating in Iraq and Turkey. While I continue to pray for the victims, I reaffirm my spiritual proximity to the many families who are mourning their dead. At the same time, I express my heartfelt solidarity with all those working to care for the injured and repair the damage. No-one must succumb to the temptation of discouragement or revenge: respect for life, international solidarity and obedience to the law must prevail over hatred and violence." The Pope repeated his "strong condemnation of every terrorist act carried out in the Holy Land in recent times", and said he lamented the fact that "the dynamism of peace seems to have stopped". "The construction of a wall between Israelis and Palestinians is seen by many as a new obstacle on the road to peaceful co-habitation. In reality, the Holy Land needs bridges, not walls! There can be no peace without reconciliation," he said. John Paul II concluded with a short prayer entrusting "to the God of mercy and peace, by the intercession of the very Holy Mary, the peoples of that region. May those in positions of responsibility have the courage to resume dialogue and negotiations, thereby freeing the road towards a Middle East that is reconciled in justice and peace." Source: MISNA

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