Pope: 'Mary shows us the humility, amazement and joy of Christmas'

 Thousands of pilgrims gathered in St Peter's Square yesterday to pray the noon Angelus with Pope John Paul as he appeared at the window of study overlooking the square. He noted that: " Christmas is now very close. As we put the final touches on the nativity scene and Christmas tree here in St Peter's Square, we must also prepare our soul to live intensely this great mystery of faith." "In these final days of Advent, the liturgy places special emphasis on the figure of Mary. The Incarnation of the Redeemer began in her heart with her 'here I am' full of faith, in answer to the divine call. If we wish to understand the true meaning of Christmas, it is thus to her that we must look, her that we must invoke." He concluded: "Mary, mother par excellence, helps us to understand the key words of the mystery of the birth of her divine Son: humility, silence, amazement, joy. She exhorts us above all to humility, so that God can find room in our hearts, not darkened by pride or arrogance. She points us to the value of silence, of knowing how to listen to the song of the angels and the crying of the Child, not suffocating them in noise and confusion. Together with her, we pause in front of the nativity scene with amazement, tasting the joy, simple and pure, that that Child brought to all of mankind." Source: VIS

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