Mozambique: Spiritan nun finds traffickers selling children for organs

 A Brazilian religious working in Mozambique, is in hiding after discovering racketeers trafficking children for their organs, the Spiritan head office in Rome told ICN yesterday. Sr Maria Elida dos Santos, who has worked for several years in the city of Nampula, made the discovery when a person arrived at her door offering a child for sale, mistaking her house for the residence of a trafficker. She now has documented facts which show that children are being kidnapped in the area where she works and their bodies are being found later with vital organs missing. These facts have received widespread news coverage in Mozambique, Brazil and Portugal in recent weeks. Since the news broke, Sister Maria Elida and some of the children have had to hide because of assassination threats. Fr John Kilcrann CSSp, from the Spiritan head office in Rome has asked readers to write to the Ambassador of Mozambique of the country in which they live. He has sent us the following sample letter. Your Excellency, Recent press reports have drawn my attention to alleged cases of the trafficking of human organs in Mozambique. Such reports claim that in the city of Nampula serious allegations have been registered which denounce that in recent months children have been killed and their organs have been extracted and trafficked. Such reports also indicate that local authorities have been slow to thoroughly investigate these denouncements. Through you I would like to insist with the competent authorities of your country that a meticulous and transparent investigation be carried out immediately into these accusations and that if the allegations prove to be true, those responsible be imprisoned without delay and brought to justice. I am also very concerned by reports that the person who originally made the denouncements, Sister Maria Elida dos Santos, has received death threats and has been forced to go into hiding. The same reports mention that some children who also feel threatened by the gang allegedly involved in human organ trafficking, have also had to go into hiding. I appeal to you to insist with your government that everything be done to ensure the safety and well-being of these people who feel threatened because of the recent denouncements. Your Excellency, I trust that you will bring these serious concerns which I have outlined to the immediate attention of your government. Sincerely,

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