Zimbabwe: archbishop says Mugabe is 'breaking God's rules'

 The Archbishop of Bulawayo, Pius Ncube, has warned President Robert Mugabe that he could find himself at loggerheads with God if he does not stop human rights abuses in Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwe Standard report that Archbishop Ncube, said last Thursday that he had severed links with the leader between 1980 and mid 1983, after he committed the Matebeleland genocide using the Fifth Brigade soldiers to kill people. The president had once been: "such an honest leader - admirable and dynamic" said Archbishop Ncube. "Mugabe's evil doings are there for everyone to see, as he is trying to destroy the Church,'' lamented the Archbishop. The outspoken clergyman says very soon Mugabe will regret if he continues to sanction lawlessness in Zimbabwe. "The Bible says that you shall not steal, but Mugabe's cabinet has stolen properties belonging to the White farmers who were forcibly removed from their land. That is breaking God's rules and commandments," he said. Source: Catholic Information Service Africa

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