Zimbabwe: Archbishop Ncube calls on world for help

 The Archbishop of Bulawayo, Archbishop Pius Ncube, is calling on the international community to give support to Zimbabweans struggling against abuses and economic hardships. Speaking to Dr S"eve Kibble, CIIR's advocacy coordinator for Africa, during a meeting in Zimbabwe last week, the Archbishop said: 'The government is trying to make out things are normal. But if you leave the main streets of Harare you will see the starvation and desperate situation of people. People are going without food for days." Despite a lack of statistics on the situation, Archbishop Ncube estimated that between forty and fifty people were dying in Bulawayo every month from a deadly combination of hunger, HIV and AIDS and lack of assets. He said: "We need food aid but targeted through trusted intermediaries. The government is grossly dishonest and would let the opposition starve, especially as we have an election next year where they want their two thirds majority to change the constitution." He added: "The government is trying to stop the people from having any hope for the future. It is always attacking the British but never acknowledges the millions of pounds of food aid that London donated last year." Archbishop Ncube told Dr Kibble that the international community should highlight documented abuses and he stressed the need to support women's organisations. He said: 'Women are the backbone of the church and the most progressive people. Unlike men, women use money for uplifting their children and their destitute neighbours with food and care. We need to support women's clubs and women's development organisations as well as human rights activists.' Archbishop Ncube was recently awarded a prize by the Lawyer's Committee for Human Rights. Source: CIIR.

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