Vatican praises women as peacemakers

 Professor Marilyn Ann Mortone, a member of the Holy See delegation to the 48th Commission on the Status of Women, currently taking place at the United Nations in New York, praised the contribution of women to world peace in a speech last Thursday. She said: "in the context of their essential role in the maintenance of peace and security of the world, women have demonstrated time after time their substantial contributions that are based on untiring concern for achieving solidarity and the common good for all humanity." After emphasizing the indispensable role of women in all spheres of life, she said: "through feminine insight, women enrich the world's understanding and help to make human relations between and amongst people more honest and authentic." Speaking about the prevention and solution of conflicts, Professor Martone said: "too many women today are victims of violence and war." She recalled "the tragedy of domestic violence" and the "suffering endured by women in national and international conflicts; this includes the problem of refugee and internally displaced women who have to cope not only with their personal suffering but also with the fatigue and responsibility of taking care in such desperate situations of the children and elder members of the family." "The time has come to condemn and sanction vigorously all sexual brutalities perpetrated against women. In this regard, the involvement of women in the management of material help and medical and psychological assistance to the victims of such violence could be of significant importance," she said. The representative of the Holy See concluded by highlighting another form of conflict, "the widespread hedonistic and commercial culture which encourages the systematic exploitation of girls and women. The trafficking in women and children must cease. The contribution of women in the decision-making process to combat this shameful trafficking can be decisive, because they are the first victims of such crimes." Source: VIS

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