Passion film to be shown at Glastonbury

 This year's other Passion film: Man Dancin', is being screened at the Glastonbury Festival at the weekend. Billed as a gangster movie with a difference, it tells the story of how faith changes an ex convict on the streets of Glasgow.

The film will be shown by Christian Arts collective, Elemental, who host a Christian Art Gallery, chillout space, worship, and live music venue at the festival.

Directed by Norman Stone, Man Dancin' opens with Jimmy Kerrigan (Alex Ferns) returning to his family home in a tough Glaswegian estate after nine years in jail. Things there have changed, but more importantly, to those who knew him, so has Jimmy. Some think he's gone soft, others suspect he's found religion, but they don't ask and he doesn't say.

As part of his parole Jimmy is press-ganged into a Passion Play run by Father Gabriel Flynn (Tom Georgeson). Reluctant at first, Jimmy finally commits to the project and soon takes it in a new and radical direction. But heads start to turn when Jimmy stands up to one of the neighbourhood pimps. This act of defiance sparks a change of mood among other people on the estate. If Jimmy Kerrigan can stand up to his old boss hard man McGlone why can't they?

Lives are changed forever in this heartwarming thriller. The movie is also currently being shown at selected cinemas around the country and will be out on DVD later this year.
LONDON - 23 June 2004 - 250 words

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