Holy See deplores killing of Ahmed Yassin

 The Holy See Press Office Director Joaquin Navarro-Valls, gave the following statement to journalists this morning, following the killing of Sheik Ahmed Yassin, co-founder and spiritual leader of Hamas: "The Holy See joins the international community in deploring this act of violence which is unjustifiable in any State of law. "The position and the sentiments of the Holy See are clearly expressed in the Holy Father's words to the diplomatic corps last January 12 when he repeated 'to the leaders of these two peoples (Israelis and Palestinians): the choice of arms, the recourse on the one hand to terrorism and on the other to vendettas, humiliating one's adversary, and rancourous propaganda, lead nowhere. Only respect for the legitimate aspirations of each other, a return to the negotiating table and a concrete commitment by the international community can lead to the start of a solution'. "Authentic and lasting peace can never be the fruit of a mere show of strength: 'above all it is the fruit of moral and juridical action'-" Yassin was killed in a missile attack by an Israeli helicopter early this morning as he left a mosque following morning prayers. Source: VIS

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