Kenya: Fr Kaiser inquest shifts to Nairobi

(There is a glitch in the archive headlines on ICN. This story must be from 2003)

The public inquest looking into the mysterious death of Fr John Anthony Kaiser MHM, a Mill Hill Missionary priest found dead in August 2000, has been relocated from Naivasha to a court in the capital, Nairobi. Sessions resume today in the Milimani Courts in the city's Community area, under a new magistrate, Maureen Odero.

The Mill Hill Missionary and American national was found dead with a bullet wound to his head at Naivasha, 100 kilometres north of Nairobi, on the morning of August 24, 2000.

The Catholic Church suspected foul play, as did many Kenyans and human rights groups. But the FBI investigated the death and returned a suicide verdict. This position angered many Kenyans, including the Catholic Church. They called upon the Kenya Government to institute a public inquest so that all witnesses could be examined and cross-examined. This request was not accepted until two years later in 2003, and under a new government, following sustained public pressure.

In a statement made on April 2, 2003, the Attorney General Hon Amos Wako directed that the investigation file be placed before the Chief Magistrate with a view of holding a public inquest. The KEC has appealed to potential witnesses to come forward and present any information they might have.

Source: CISA

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